transcreation into BulgarianWe live in a globalised world but our communication cannot be globalised. The messages we send are always customised for a specific audience and take into account many factors related to the way they are perceived.

Why transcreation and not just translation?

When you sell a product you want your information to be designed for a specific group of people—age, sex, social layer, etc.—so that they can recognise it and identify with it. But what about targeting different geographical populations and cultures?

Studies show that people are more willing to shop on websites where they are addressed in their native language and because of that businesses around the world have their communication materials translated in a variety of languages. However, when you address another nation or culture you cannot simply translate into their language—the message may lose its marketing power and become irrelevant and devoid of meaning. It can also cost you your reputation.

You need to communicate in a way that is understandable to this culture. This is what transcreation does: it transforms the message creatively so that it appeals to people’s hearts and minds in another language, with another conception about life, and creates engagement.

In the past I have worked in Public Relations and am well trained to transcreate your communication materials into Bulgarian taking into account cultural specificities, level of formality, social group and/or professional jargon, required text length, emotionality and humour, rhythm and rhymes. The transcreated text will read as an original while, at the same time, staying faithful to the concept, style and register of the source.

Contact me, so we can discuss your needs in terms of marketing translation and transcreation.