Specialised translations

translation servicesAmong language services, translation is by far the most in-demand one. To ensure top-quality translations, every translator needs to specialise.

A translator specialised in a few fields ensures that she has an in-depth knowledge of the subject and is efficient in researching highly specific terminology and concepts.

My fields of specialisation

In 2012 I started providing language services as an external subcontractor for some of the major European Union institutions. In 2016 I won a tender with the European Commission and I am now one of their contractors for external translations in the English-Bulgarian pair.

I am well-versed in EU law and a large diversity of EU policies. This will be especially of benefit for Europe-based businesses doing EU trade or exchanges of any kind, or for translations pertaining to administrative procedures and actions. My competences are specifically in the following sectors:

  • energy supply & renewables, oil & gas, agriculture & food industry
  • trade, communication, quality management, human resources, public relations, marketing
  • public affairs, NGOs & civil rights, consumer protection, legislation
  • education & training, ecology & sustainability, social & life sciences

I am also experienced in language services relating to healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical topics:

  • discharge summaries, medical history
  • health care organisations’ administrative documents, communicational materials and patient brochures
  • summaries of product characteristics and patient information leaflets for medications

Even if in the list above you do not see your working topics, you can still contact me. I might be able to give you valuable advice, or even find an experienced colleague.