Revision and proofreading

revision and proofreadingYour text has been already translated but you want to make sure its quality is up to the highest standards. Or you have hired more than one linguist for a longer document and you need to make sure the style and vocabulary of the translation are consistent.

Revision, proofreading and quality assurance check will make your content read perfectly natural.

Revision, or proofreading, or both?

Revision/editing is the bilingual verification of accuracy where the translated text is checked against the original for possible omissions, additions, mistranslations, use of correct and appropriate terminology. For example, medical terms have not only to be correct but they have to be chosen depending on the audience – medical practitioners or the general public. Unified terminology throughout the text is also vital.

Proofreading is a monolingual check where the target text is examined for typos, grammar structure, wording, natural flow of language, stylistic conventions and register. Proofreading is a more limited service whereas revision is more advanced and can include proofreading.

Quality assurance verifies that the appropriate number, date, and measurement formats have been used; that repeated blocks inside the text have been translated in a consistent way; that pre-set terminology has been used, or forbidden terms do not appear in the text. Full quality assurance is done using specialised software, but the translation needs to be in a specific format, also created with a translation software. Partial QA is possible at the proofreading stage in the native format of the document.

Post-editing is the polishing of a translation which has been generated with translation engines. It usually takes additional time and effort on behalf of the reviser which makes it relatively more expensive than regular revision.

Having revised thousands of pages of EU legislation, I offer revision and proofreading services of an uttermost quality. I respect translators’ choice of wording and style, while at the same time I look minutely for the slightest mistakes and discrepancies. When working on revision and proofreading assignments, I also provide feedback and linguistic advice.