Below is a selection of past and ongoing projects I have handled so far. They are fairly representative of the fields I work in and the services I offer, and give an idea on how I can help.

EU legislation & policies

▪Type: translation and revision
▪Volume: over 6200 pages translated and over 7000 pages revised
▪Description: subcontracting services for the EU Parliament, EU Court of Auditors, EESC and CoR; contract with the EU Commission
▪Challenges: legislative texts; fast turnaround; binding in-house linguistic, style and terminology rules; rigorous QA process

Consumer rights

▪Type: translation
▪Volume: over 1000 pages
▪Description: e-learning and training modules on EU consumer law for the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC)
▪Challenges: legislative content that needed adaptation for a wider audience and online publishing; big volumes for a relatively short period of time

Health and social care content

▪Type: translation and revision
▪Volume: small regular jobs
▪Description: healthcare and communication materials, medical history, court decisions (family law) for the HSC in Northern Ireland
▪Challenges: terminology needs adaptation depending on the target audience – migrant workers, physicians, social care workers, officials

Conference on migration

▪Type: conference interpreting
▪Scale: EU level
▪Description: European Migration Network national conference organized by the Migration Directorate, Bulgarian Ministry of Interior
▪Challenges: relay interpreting between English, German, French and Bulgarian

NGO Newsletter

▪Type: translation
▪Volume: over 250 pages
▪Description: bimonthly newsletter of the Observatoire européen du plurilinguisme (European Observatory for Plurilingualism)
▪Challenges: academic register; complex formatting needing repagination; fast turnaround of projects

Cosmetics branding

▪Type: transcreation, translation, revision
▪Volume: regular flow since 2012
▪Description: beauty product directions for use, with marketing slogans, for Sephora/ Benefit Cosmetics/ Urban Decay
▪Challenges: short slogans full of puns, rhymes, wordplays on popular English idioms, songs, movies; target users – college girls

Pharmaceutical product information

▪Type: translation and revision
▪Volume: periodical jobs
▪Description: patient information leaflets (PILs) and summaries of product characteristics (SPCs)
▪Challenges: highly specialised medical, pharmaceutical and biochemical terminology

Food industry & agriculture

▪Type: translation and revision
▪Volume: periodical jobs
▪Description: food & beverage nutritional facts for Isostar; seed characteristics projects for Nuseed
▪Challenges: nutrition and genetics terminology


▪Type: translation
▪Volume: varying
▪Description: volunteer projects for non-profits through Translation Commons and Translators Without Borders: Special Olympics
▪Challenges: actually, it is so rewarding to be a volunteer translator!