How is price calculated?

It is understandable that you as a client want to know the price of what you are buying before deciding whether to buy. You can ask for a personalised quote based on the documents you need translated or any other types of services you wish to order.

There are many factors involved in the price calculation, including type of service (check all the services I provide here), length of the source text, type of content and level of complexity, file format, deadline, readability, etc.

The fee is generally calculated based on an estimation of the time I will need to take care of your text. This is why, in order to give you an adequate quote, I first need to see your source documents.

If you want me to comply with a Non-Disclosure Agreement before accessing your materials, please feel free to ask.

If you want your text revised by a second translator – this could be arranged; I work in partnership with other Bulgarian translators in a variety of specialisations. The total price will be billed in a single invoice.

For transcreation, the quote takes into consideration the project as a whole: it is not calculated on a volume basis, but rather depending on client’s requirements: translation of slogans, use of puns, rhymes, cultural or group-sensitive messages, etc.

Terminology management is a subscription service and is calculated on a per-hour basis.

Interpreting services take into account the type and duration of the assignment, whether a partner interpreter will be required, as well as travel, accommodation and catering expenses, if relevant. They are charged on a per-hour basis (per half-day in case of escorting and personal assistance).

Certified translations of official documents will include, aside from translation costs, also state fees and additional expenses, such as delivery services.