Payment terms

Payment termsWhen you are sent the quote, you will receive a suggestion on how the actual payment may be done. For new clients and larger orders, as well as interpreting and escorting assignments, a partial or full advance payment may be requested.

As a general rule, final payments should be made within 15 days of invoicing, upon delivery of the service.

Regular smaller jobs can be invoiced monthly, if it is more convenient for you. On the other side, a bigger translation project lasting for several months may require payments at regular intervals, upon delivery of the translated part of the text.

A minimum fee of 10.00 Euros applies to any translation order.

Payments are accepted in Euros, either by bank transfer or PayPal. In the latter case, a transaction fee will be calculated additionally.

You will not be charged Value Added Tax if you are based outside the European Union; or if your seat is in the European Union, as long as you are VAT-registered. If you are from the EU but are not VAT-registered, or if you are based in Bulgaria, a 20% VAT surcharge will apply.