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First things first


The right translator

There are hundreds, if not thousands of language translators working in the English-Bulgarian combination. How do you know which one to choose? First thing that may help you decide is to answer one simple question:

What goal do I want to achieve?

Do I need to grow my business? Do I need a couple of certificates translated? Or, do I need someone to help me talk to my new sweetheart who doesn’t speak English?

Your goals will define how much effort you want to put in the project and, therefore, the level of expertise and commitment you require from your translator.

Not all foreign language speakers can be translators (or interpreters).

Not all translators (or interpreters) can translate (or interpret) well.

Not one translator who can translate well (or interpreter who can interpret well) can handle every single subject under the sun.

First-class translators specialise. If you want to get a perfect translation, hire a professional who has stated specialisation in your specific sector/topic.

First-class translators will not just take up the job. They will first try to understand your objectives. They will ask questions, suggest solutions for your specific needs, offer you options.

First-class translators will define terms under which they will work for you and will stick to them, no matter what it will cost them.