Hiring a freelance translator or an agency?

Choosing between a translator and an agencySometimes clients wonder, what are the benefits of hiring a freelance translator instead of a translation agency?

An agency can offer a variety of language combinations for quite a wide range of topics. However, working with a solo translator means that:

You communicate directly with the person in charge of your translation who knows everything about the context and how to ask the right questions;

The responsibility for the output is personal and does not get blurred between the many employees and outsourcers involved in the project;

⇒ If the translation you need is in a highly specialised field, you can be sure that the freelance translator working in this field will do the job perfectly. Agencies, on their side, may assign the project to the first translator available;

You only pay one person to do the job (or two, if you order external revision as an additional service, or a longer interpreting service);

You receive a text consistent in style and vocabulary, as it has not been split between several translators.