Certified translations

certified translationsTo be able to produce a certified translation in Bulgaria, a translator must be registered with the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an authorised translator.

MFA together with the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education are the authorities competent for affixing the Apostille Certificate on official documents. MFA then legalises the translation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria has approved me as an authorised translator for English, French and Macedonian.

Legalised or certified translation of documents?

To be internationally recognised, some documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, secondary and higher education diplomas, notary deeds, court decisions, state issued documents, etc., need to be officially legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Not all documents need to, and can be legalised. In many cases a simple translation is enough but it still needs to be performed and certified by an authorised translator. Please get in touch to check whether your document needs a certification or legalisation.

Also, have in mind that for some countries an Apostille is not needed; some documents issued by Bulgarian civil services are multilingual and are valid in EU Member States without further translation and legalisation.

NB: The legalisation process usually takes more time than people imagine. For example, diplomas might need up to 10 work days if you choose the ordinary procedure. This time is fixed by the relevant ministries and has nothing to do with the translation itself. Ministries collect their own taxes; their amount depends on whether the legalisation procedure is ordinary, rapid or urgent.