About me

Ekaterina KroumovaHow I started

I am a translator from English, French, Macedonian and Serbian into my native Bulgarian since 2002. I first studied Theology and this is when I started translating specialised literature.

Soon after, I realised I was in love with translation and decided to go for further studies in Applied Linguistics and Translation.

I graduated ranking first among 108 graduates.


My expertise

During the years I have gained extensive experience in European policies and EU legislation: I have been an external translator for several European Union institutions since 2012. I have also taken part in a traineeship programme with the European Commission translation services, and in 2016 I signed a contract with them.

Projects for these clients cover a vast array of sectors from social, regional policies, health care, ecology, to external action, competition, fisheries, aerospace and fiscal policy. Thus I am expected to be well-informed of any subject and master diverse specialised terminology, especially in the legislative field.


Native skills

Being based in my native country allows me to articulate thoughts in Bulgarian in a fluent, natural and lively manner, without being influenced by the language I translate from, which is often the case with translators living abroad for years.

At the same time, I strive for accurateness and always to faithfully convey the meaning of the original, except for when a freer translation is required to reflect socio-cultural realities, such as in marketing transcreation.


Working principles

Among my clients are also state and public organisations in countries where my working languages are spoken. They require competent and accurate translations that are suited to the cultural and administrative specificities of the language used by their Bulgarian counterparts or target audience.

They expect their orders to be treated in a rigorous time frame and to comply with the highest linguistic standards. It is my duty to answer their needs by offering quality with no compromise and a text that reads as if it has been created, not translated, in Bulgarian.


 Working fields

I also work with private-sector clients, helping them translate their business content. The areas I specialise in can be found here. Services I provide are of particular benefit to: EU-based companies doing business with Bulgaria or exploring the Bulgarian market; immigration lawyers; social entities dealing with migrant workers; cross-border and EU-wide project managers and public procurement bidders.

My Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting allows me to offer professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. I also provide assistance to people visiting Bulgaria – planning your stay, cultural consulting and tour guiding.


Striving for more

I keep perfecting my knowledge and skills on a daily basis by attending professional conferences and specialised webinars, and by following online courses (MOOCs) from different universities around the world in matters related to my fields of expertise.

I am also an incurable language learning enthusiast, now studying my eighth modern language – Greek.